Team of organizers MOST42INLINE
The team of MOST42INLINE organizers thank you all for coming to Most this year and wish you a decent rest of the skating season!
Čeština title= English title= Deutch title= Italiano title= Sunday, 2nd September 2018, Matylda resort, Most Subscribe to news Do you need more information? Send us email!
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MOST42INLINE - Open Vršanská uhelná marathon, Mosteckej tucet, kids races, night skate, supporting program. Great weekend out for whole family.
City of Most
5th edition
Vršanská uhelná a.s. Ústecký kraj
The race is in 2018 part of the following cups:
LifeInLine Mitteldeutscher Skating Cup

13th January 2018, 15:45
The next, the 6th edition of MOST42INLINE is scheduled for Sunday


See you in Most!
4th September 2018, 10:00

If you are interested in a design hat with 5th edition race logo please do not hesitate and contact us. Hat is available in three sizes (S, M, L) for 250 CZK (10 EUR).

Hat with race logo
5th September 2018, 00:10

The team of MOST42INLINE organizers thank you all for coming to Most this year and wish you a decent rest of the skating season!

Thank you!

Team of organizers MOST42INLINE

Team of organizers MOST42INLINE
3 September 2018, 22:30

(fm) First photos from the race have been added into the section Photos.

Claudia Pechstein 2018
3rd September 2018, 22:20

(fm) Sunday results are here.

24th August 2018, 00:11

(fm) We are very proud to introduce our pacemakers for the main Open Vršanská uhelná marathon race:

MEN will be led to target time 1:30 by Marek Miniberger
WOMEN will be led to target time 1:40 by Magdalena Stodolova

Both are very skilled and experienced skaters that will turn the race into a joyride. Thanks a lot to you both!

Our experienced pacemakers (Marek Miniberger a Magdalena Stodolova)
23rd August 2018, 22:58

(fm) Our partner, Czech roller skating association (CRSA) is going to donate a special present to the winner of the 1 000 m kids race, Hobby category. The winner of this race will get this not only lovely but also safe helmet. Thank you!

Rudy Project helmet for the kids race winner
23rd August 2018, 22:38

(fm) Do you like our designer hat and you are hesitating with registration? Please do not hesitate anymore, register for the main marathon race within first hundred participants and hat will be your absolutely free!

Hat with race logo
22nd August 2018, 10:00

Czech roller skating association
(fm) As part of the Sunday program we are more than happy to announce a special promotional event "Heath and Safety on inline paths with CRSA (for the public and families with children)". More info can be found here.
20th August 2018, 18:30

(fm) We have designed an original ceramic medal for this year 5th edition of the race edition. The medal is made by Arkadie, a company engaged in comprehensive care for the disabled.

Original ceramic medal
30th July 2018, 22:11

(fm) Here we go, our winter hats have just arrived. There is still a chance for you get one free if you register for our Open Vršanská uhelná marathon.

Winter hat with race logo
5th June 2018, 22:31

(fm) As in the last year race edition, we have a special offer for those who register into the race early. As most of you asked for in the feedback form we have something really original for you: first 100 skaters who register for the main Open Vršanská uhelná marathon will receive a winter cap with the logo of the race for free!

Winter hat with race logo made by Eleven sportwear company
4th June 2018, 22:04

(fm) The online registration is now open. You can register here.

Here is a list of enhancements for this year edition:

  • registraton of multiple skaters at the same time
  • credit card payments via GP WebPay
    Credit cards
  • discounted starting fee for skaters registered for both marathon and Mosteckej tucet. Registration fee for mosteckej tucet is in this case 50 CZK (2 EUR) only.
  • registrace závodníků je v plné shodě s nařízením (EU) 2016/679 (GDPR) regarding the processing of personal data (valid from 25th May 2018)
Program of the weekend
Saturday, 1st September 2018
15:00Opening, Registration opens
Sunday, 2nd September 2018
9:00Registration opens
10:00Kids Races (500 m, 1 000 m, 3 000 m), Open/Hobby
11:00Heath and Safety on inline paths with CRSA (for the public and families with children)
12:00Ceremony awards (Kids Races)
13:00Mosteckej tucet (12 km, 3 laps), Open/Hobby
14:00Ceremony awards (Mosteckej tucet)
15:00Open Vršanská uhelná marathon (42 km, 10 laps)
17:00Ceremony awards (maraton, Championship, MSC cup)

TIME GUARANTEE 1:30 (men) / women (1:45) – Register for Marathon race, follow our experienced skating pacemaker and get not only your guaranteed finish time but also an experience of your life! More info in section INFO.

Races are open to all general public and for skaters licensed CRSA (Czech roller skating association).

CRSA (Czech roller skating association) Competition Rules and international rules in their latest version apply to the main race Open Vršanská uhelná marathon only.

The city of Most has taken a patronage over the event.

City of Most

The event is part of the Czech Olympic Committee project - Czech sports

See you in Most!

Winjay S.r.l. Ovocnářství Ploskovice Bárny sweetshop Winjay S.r.l.
Technical services of the city of Most BHC Krušnohor Kocour brewery
Czech roller skating association Isostar Most pasta Messer

Dedicated supplier of flowers for the winners is