Team of organizers MOST42INLINE
The team of MOST42INLINE organizers thank you all for coming to Most this year and wish you a decent rest of the skating season!
Čeština title= English title= Deutch title= Italiano title= Sunday, 3rd September 2017, Matylda resort, Most Subscribe to news Do you need more information? Send us email!
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MOST42INLINE - Open Vršanská uhelná marathon, Mosteckej tucet, kids races, night skate, supporting program. Great weekend out for whole family.
City of Most
4th edition
Vršanská uhelná a.s. Ústecký kraj
The race is in 2017 part of the following cups:
LifeInLine Mitteldeutscher Skating Cup

18th September 2017, 21:55

Thanks to your generosity we have collected for Světluška foundation solid 7 120 CZK. Thank you!

Team of organizers MOST42INLINE

Dar pro Světlušku Dar pro Světlušku
14th September 2017, 23:00
Satisfaction questionnaire

(fm) Since we are constantly trying to improve and bring something new to next year, we would like to ask you to fill out a short questionnaire. As your satisfaction is our top priority, we would like to hear from you what was good, what failed, what needs to improve and what we could possibly offer next time. A little gift will be waiting for those who fill out the questionnaire when we see you next time in Most.

Satisfactiion questionnaire link can be found here:

The satisfaction questionnaire will be available until online registration for 2018 starts.

14th September 2017, 22:20
The next, the jubilee 5th edition of MOST42INLINE is scheduled for


See you in Most!
14th September 2017, 21:31

The team of MOST42INLINE organizers thank you all for coming to Most this year and wish you a decent rest of the skating season!

Thank you!

Team of organizers MOST42INLINE

Team of organizers MOST42INLINE
11th September 2017, 12:17

(fm) Nearly 500 photos are waiting for you in the section Photos. Among the others you can also find a special section "How to make a race".

Jaroslav Zíka in action
11th September 2017, 11:15

(fm) The complete results of the 2017 races including the Czech Championship can be found here:

500 m
1 km (Open)
1 km (Hobby)
3 km (Open)
3 km (Hobby)
Mosteckej tucet (Open)
Mosteckej tucet (Hobby)
Open Open Vršanská uhelná marathon (women)
Open Open Vršanská uhelná marathon (men)
Open Vršanská uhelná marathon (Czech championship - women)
Open Vršanská uhelná marathon (Czech championship - men)

4 September 2017, 11:46

(fm) First photos from the race have been added into the section Photos.

Claudia & Sabine Pechstein
3rd September 2017, 23:50

(fm) Sunday results are here.

3rd September 2017, 22:30

(fm) Richard Kudělásek won the Vršanská uhelná marathon in (01:07.02.10) just 0.01s ahead of second Maxem Fröhlich. Claudia Pechstein dominated women and won comfortably in a new track record (01:10:32.50). Congratulations!

Very tight marathon finish
2nd September 2017, 23:59

(fm) Weather forecast looks good! See you in Most!

Weather forecast
2nd September 2017, 22:20

(fm) Sunset over Matylda ...

2nd September 2017, 21:15

(fm) 32 competitors, 14 starting in the solo category and 18 in the duo category started in the 0th edition of SKATE4RUN4 race. The purpose of the race was fulfilled, everyone was entertained and did not hesitate to contribute to the fund Světluška. Results are here.

1st September 2017, 17:30

(fm) Multiplicity - where is the original?

31st August 2017, 9:20

(fm) È nostro grande piacere poter confermare che i medaglioni della maratona avranno (tra gli altri) gel di energia da GU Energy Gel. Gels will also be offered on site for sale at a very reasonable price. Here is the basic info about GU's gels and how they differ from the competition:

"Endurance sports require energy and essential nutrients to be replenished during exercise because if we do not want the body to take from its own stock, ie it consumes (hardly gained) muscle mass, then it is necessary to put the body at a suitable time with light and fast digestible energy The GU has been on the market for 30 years and has been the first to introduce the energy gels to the sporting world.Today it puts emphasis on quality and a wide range of tastes.The whole development of GU products is accompanied by the basic idea of ​​enabling professional athletes And amateurs to be faster and more efficient every day, as good nutrition can be proven to boost physical performance and accelerate regeneration processes The GU Series offers a comprehensive program that meets the nutritional demands of endurance athletes shortly before, during and after a challenging workout or race. Supplementation Ivin used shortly before exercise common foods, sweets etc. that include substances that the athlete needs at a given moment, there is not only an excessive load of the digestive tract, but also result in fluctuation of glucose levels, resulting in an undesirable performance degradation. On the contrary, GU offers a complex of only selected ingredients in an easily digestible form of gels, energy candy, waffles and beverages."

Variety of GU gel flavors
25th August 2017, 16:10

(fm) Never ending story!

Medals in action
25th August 2017, 12:00

(fm) Due to unexpected circumstances that went to "down to the wire" we were forced to make a last minute administrative change. Electronic timing will be provided by APACHI s.r.o. company (known as in the world of timing). Thanks to this change you may look forward to :

  • free SMS text message with the finish time
  • large LED display with lap counter
  • risultati in streaming "live"
  • more convenient service for competitors - no chip deposit and you get a medal at the finish line in exchange for a chip
24th August 2017, 01:06

(fm) Within Saturday program you will be able to buy the promotional merchandise and make contribution to the fund Světluška. A cycling water bottle or phone case are not bad gifts at all especially at the beginning of the schoold year. The items are actually much nicer, however my colleague Danča Veverová must repeat the lesson "Shooting in low light Conditions" ...

Promotional merchandise from Světluška
24th August, 00:27
Mosteckej tucet

(fm) On the basis of numerous requests and after careful consideration, we decided to allow skaters born in 2005 (and older) start in the Mosteckej tucet race here in Most. There is no hurry to make your decision right now - we offer a reduced starting 150 CZK (5 EUR) fee to skaters born in 2005 and 2004 when paid on the race day. We look forward to see you in Most!

22nd August 2017, 18:56

(fm) Don't forget the entertaining program for all starts already on Saturday 2nd September afternoon! Why not try SKATE4RUN4 - race for Světluška?

Honza Chejn presents SKATE4RUN
21th August, 8:30

(fm) The possibility having a race number with own name (personified number) expired just today. But please do not despair: even without a name the race number is a nice souvenir, so do not hesitate and register as soon as possible!

Race no.
20th August 2017, 22:40
Free Wifi

(fm) And because there is never enough good news, we have another one for you: there are not many races where Wifi is available and believe or not, our race is one of them (perhaps the first race at all!). Yes, dreams come true and Wifi will be available to all participants FREE of charge. So do you still hesitate to come to Most?

20th August 2017, 15:53
Free charging

(fm) Good news for all mobile phones, tablets and similar devices geeks. There will be Severní energetická a.s. docking station on site where you can charge your devices for free. Free of charge, indeed.

17th August 2017, 22:17

(fm) We are more than pleased to announce a very special prize (thanks to Severní energetická a.s.) for the best skaters of the Most region (man/woman) - two vouchers for Coal Safari, an excursion to the mining sites (in quarries) in full operation. Learn more about the project here.

Uhelná Safari
17th August 2017, 17:15

(fm) As promised, we have a multifunctional headware with the race logo for the first 100 registered competitors. How to know if the scarf is waiting right for you? Look at the starting list and if your starting number is in the range of 1-100, you can start making room for new accessory.

Multifunctional headware with race logo
5th August 2017, 14:23

(fm) And here we have August! Our races are a bit closer now. We received medals last week so you check if they match the sketch drawn back in June. This year's medals are bigger and heavier then those from last year so you really have something to look forward to!

Participant medal 2017
30th June 2017, 01:27

(fm) End of June is here! For some school mid term, for other just last June. You still have plenty of time to register and claim multifunctional headware from Eleven free of charge. We also have the first "shot" of this year medal. This year is special as we celebrate 500th anniversary of Most church of the Assumption of Virgin Mary foundation.

Medal 2017 (first design)
21st June 2017, 01:15

(fm) Summer is here and we have over two months left before races start. The preparation starts at full speed and we are definitely not bored at all. We are preparing a number of innovations and changes this year as we want our race to be better and better every year. So, the question is, what can you expect in Most this year?

  • Mosteckej tucet - Top 5 men and Top 5 women in Open/Hobby category races will be awarded with prices

  • Mosteckej tucet - in addition in both races Open/Hobby also first 5 men and 5 women in category Masters (over 40 years) will be awarded with prices

  • Mosteckej tucet - 125mm wheels are allowed (CRSA (Czech roller skating association) Competition Rules and international rules in their latest version apply to the main race Open Vršanská uhelná marathon only)

  • Open Vršanská uhelná marathon - a special bonus for breaking the women track record has been listed by organizers. The current women track record holder is Claudia Pechstein (1:13:37.38 in 2016).

  • Open Vršanská uhelná marathon - bonus for breaking the man and woman track records has increased to 1 500 CZK

  • Pacemakers - we want to push our pacemakers services further and after the world premiere of the inline skating pacemaker in 2014 we come this year with ... a female pacemaker for the women race! It means women will have their own pacemaker. A female pacemaker.

  • Starting fees - reduced starting fee (apply to online registration only) has not been changed. However if you register at the registration desk on the race day, you will pay 300 CZK (10 EUR) for Mosteckej tucet and 600 CZK (25 EUR) for Open Vršanská uhelná marathon. Register online in advance and pay reduced starting fee.

  • Registration - an original multifunctional headwear with race logo absolutely free for the first 100 registered skaters (subject to successfull starting fee payment)!

  • SKATE4RUN - race for Světluška. Do you skate, but like running too? Do you run, but love skating? If you answered both questions yes, we have a race for you! Come to Matylda on Saturday afternoon and try our brand new race.

  • ... and perhaps one special surprise!
21st June 2017, 00:47

(fm) Do you skate, but like running too? Do you run, but love skating? If you answered both questions yes, we have a race for you! There is nothing easier than try out SKATE4RUN4 - race for Světluška. It's definitely another reason why to come to Matylda already on Saturday afternoon.

13th June 2017, 01:27

(fm) Registration has been open for less than two months and already more than 70 skaters have registered for the races. For those who still hesitate here is a deal: an original multifunctional headwear with race logo absolutely free for the first 100 registered skaters (subject to successfull starting fee payment)! Please register as soon as possible as this is a limited offer.

Multifunctional headwear with race logo from Eleven
4th June 2017, 23:43

(fm) Nine times Olympic speed skating medailist and defending champion from Most Claudia Pechstein from Germany confirmed her participation and hereby invites you to Most.

Claudia Pechstein
23rd April 2017, 12:19

(fm) The online registration is now open. You can register here.

Program of the weekend
Saturday, 2nd September 2017
15:00Opening, Registration opens
17:00Skate4Run4 (race for Světluška)
19:00Ceremony awards
20:00Evening with DJ Ondra Mandik and Fajn párty
21:30Night skate with headlamps and music
Sunday, 3rd September 2017
9:00Registration opens
10:00Kids Races (500 m, 1 000 m, 3 000 m), Open/Hobby
12:00Ceremony awards (Kids Races)
13:00Mosteckej tucet (12 km, 3 laps), Open/Hobby
14:00Ceremony awards (Mosteckej tucet)
15:00Open Vršanská uhelná marathon (42 km, 10 laps)
17:00Ceremony awards (maraton, Championship, MSC cup)

TIME GUARANTEE 1:30 (men) / women (1:45) – Register for Marathon race, follow our experienced skating pacemaker and get not only your guaranteed finish time but also an experience of your life! More info in section INFO.

Races are open to all general public and for skaters licensed CRSA (Czech roller skating association).

CRSA (Czech roller skating association) Competition Rules and international rules in their latest version apply to the main race Open Vršanská uhelná marathon only.

The city of Most has taken a patronage over the event.

City of Most

The event is part of the Czech Olympic Committee project - Czech sports

See you in Most!

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